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The 2012 Eastern Analytical Symposium Program

A Message from Mary Ellen McNally

2012 EAS Program Chair

Welcome, I am glad you are here, we have been working diligently since last year’s conference to make EAS’s 2012 program the best it can be. Our theme this year is “Energizing Analytical Solutions” and I hope you agree that we have an exciting, enlightening and energizing program for you.
New technical session topics have been added to this, our 51st year’s agenda. Focused on the commercial needs in the pharmaceutical and agricultural products areas please plan on attending sessions on counter attack strategies for combating the counterfeit manufacturing of products, the analysis of consumer products, as well as outsourcing perspectives from both sponsors and contract research organizations. Highlighting the growing presence of vibrational spectroscopy and microscopy in industrial and forensic applications, sessions showing developments in near-infrared and Raman instrumentation, entitled “Bringing Home the Bacon: Vibrational Spectroscopy Gets the Job Done,” and “Forensic Microscopy: What is it? Who does it?,” will answer some pressing questions for you.
This year EAS offers a particularly strong program in separation science, with sessions on column equivalency in HPLC, industrial applications of fast LC, and advances and applications of supercritical fluid chromatography. Coincidentally, three of the major awards at EAS have been given to exemplary separation scientists. The EAS Separations Award highlights polar and macromolecular separations, with the awardee Robert Kennedy. The Benedetti- Pichler award session, honoring Luis Colon, will shed light on novel stationary phases, retention mechanisms in CE and LC, a new GC detector, and high-throughput analysis. The EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Fields of Analytical Chemistry recognizes Mary Wirth, novel work on highly efficient protein separations and single molecule kinetics will be presented. Finally, don’t miss the problem solving session entitled “Separation Anxiety from Capillaries to Columns” touching on UHPLC, HPLC, IC, TLC, CE, 2-D chromatography, and SFC.
Discussions in the field of mass spectrometry have grown at EAS. Starting with the EAS Mass Spectrometry Award, honoring Fred McLafferty from Cornell, topics include top down strategies, nanospray enabled MS, applications in the pharmaceutical industry, and protein conformational determinations. Complementing the award symposium, a session on structure elucidation and a full day on large and bio-molecule analysis are a response to requests for more mass spectrometry at EAS. Art and conservation sessions, organized in conjunction with the New York Conservation Foundation, will explore the use of mass spectrometry in heritage studies for a full day.
The fields of spectroscopy, surface science, NMR (check out the new EAS NMR Young Investigator Award session), chemometrics, dry blood spot analysis, Quality-by-Design and microdose strategies are well represented this year at EAS. These sessions address the most current applications and directions leaders in the field are taking in these areas. In our continued efforts to move to a greener conference, this year our preliminary program was available only on the EAS website. I hope you found this adequate for your needs and would love to hear your feedback of how this worked for your own preconference planning.
Please peruse EAS’s Conference-in-Miniature in this program. This should help you to navigate the technical program and locate the sessions, seminars, and short courses that interest you. The intention is that you will find this tool helpful in creating a personalized schedule.
In addition to the EAS oral program, please be sure to spend some time at the poster sessions in the Exhibit Hall. The poster presentations change daily, and provide an excellent opportunity to chat with each scientist in more depth about their work.
Thanks for considering EAS as a venue to “energize” your scientific endeavors. Feel free to stop by the Program Office on the 2nd floor with your feedback and potential session topics for 2013!
Enjoy the conference!


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